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Contemporary rock that's "a mixture of Murder Ballads, Songs from a Room, and Hunky Dory."

A Ripple In Spacetime 

It was a couple of years ago that scientists first thought they'd found the evidence to prove the existence of gravitational waves - a theory dating back 30 years.  That's when I wrote "A Ripple In Spacetime."  The data from that first experiment ultimately proved inconclusive.  But now they've proven it again...

Here's the song:

Childhood's End Revisited 

It's a day of new releases for a story that dates back to 1953.  Arthur C. Clarke's masterful account of what could happen if aliens meet earthlings has (finally) been adapted for the screen, as a miniseries on the Syfy channel. The first episode airs tonight. Art Schop's long time collaborator, Jimi Zhivago, wrote a song inspired by the book and when he played it for Clarke at the Chelsea Hotel he made a new fan.

Hear and watch Jimi Zhivago's version of Childhood's End on YouTube.

Listen to Art Schop's version (produced by Zhivago) here:


Elmore Magazine Feature 

Featuring the video of "Back To Earth" in its New Music section today, Elmore Magazine had this to say about the new album "Death Waits I: Music And Fine Arts":
"Each track on the album is a piece of art in which Walker, as Schop, may emulate the vocal mannerisms of the song’s subject. This is evident in his vignette for Bowie."

Check out the full article and the video exclusive.

Art Schop on Little Water Radio 

If you missed us on Little Water Radio's Nov 11 show, you can get it on the archive:

The interview starts around 1:01
Prince of Darkness 1:07
Just a Lombard Cat 1:14
Back to Earth 1:22


Death Waits I: Music and Fine Arts is Here! 

Today's the day! Art Schop's album Death Waits I:  Music and Fine Arts is finally available for all to hear!

Death Waits I is a collection of musical works inspired by the legacies and artistic vision of talented musicians, artists and historical figures including David Bowie, Lou Reed, Will Oldham, Michelangelo, Sappho, Alberto Giacometti and more!

Check out the links below to see where you can get your very own copy. 

For digital downloads ...

On iTunes 
On Amazon  

And streaming ...

On Spotify

And to get the physical copy of the album, a CD with bonus features including stunning portraits within the album jacket by New York artist Eric Collins and Martin Walker's song notes and lyrics ... 


Happy listening!

AXS Interview and Video Exclusive: Death Waits I 

Thanks to Laurie Fanelli for a great interview in AXS magazine.  Laurie also featured the exclusive premiere of the video for Death Waits I.

"On Friday, Nov. 13, Art Schop will release his inventive new album Death Waits I: Music And Fine Arts. Throughout the album, Schop finds inspiration in talented musicians, artists and historical figures, and then crafts beautiful music that both pays tribute to their legacies and honors their own artistic visions.

The album's title track, a Jacques Brel-inspired piece, is a patient and thoughtful song that dives into the immortality of art. Check out the exclusive video premiere of “Death Waits I” above to get a sneak preview at this engaging new album."


Video Feature in Huffington Post 

The Huffington Post featured our first official video from Death Waits I for the Prince of Darkness.  See it here!  (Scroll all the way down to view the video.)
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Previous events


Art Schop at 2A

The Treehouse at 2A, 25 Avenue A, NYC

Treehouse 2A "The best kept secret in NYC. Intimate venue..."

Art Schop will be playing songs from Death Waits I and II. A great way to spend a Sunday evening. Come early and catch Jack Petruzzelli!



Pianos, 158 Ludlow Street, New York

Art Schop will be playing a benefit gig for Parker Kindred (drummer with Jeff Buckley, Antony and the Johnsons, etc.). Proceeds to Parker. Please join us!

Doors 6pm. Art Schop plays at 9 or 10.


Art Schop at The Scratcher

The Scratcher, 209 E. 5th St, New York

Art will be playing an acoustic set at this great venue on the lower east side. A warm laid back Irish bar that is serious about good music. Hope to see you there.

Death Waits I - Album Release

Friday, November 13, 2015 marks the official release of Art Schop's latest album - Death Waits I: Music And Fine Arts.

You can get it now on iTunes, CD Baby, Bandcamp, Spotify, Amazon, and all mainstream music sites


Little Water Radio Appearance

Live appearance -- three songs from the upcoming album Death Waits I, and a discussion of the album with "The Rest Is Noise" host, Delphine Blue

(This show will be available as an archive on the Little Water Radio website)